About Shane

Shane Croucher is a journalist based in London.

He loves politics, history, books, food and, in the journalistic tradition, the odd sherbet.

Shane is currently a senior reporter at Newsweek.

You can contact him at his personal email to enquire about freelance writing and editing work or just to say hello: shanedavidcroucher@gmail.com

Or if you want to send him press releases, event invites and the like then his work email is: s.croucher@newsweek.com

He is on Twitter. You should follow him. And here’s his LinkedIn if you want to connect.

Selected clips—original reporting and features

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Britain’s Preppers: Amid Ebola, Islamic State and Ukraine-Russia Crises These Survivalists Are Ready for Black Swan Events

Electronic Tagging Scandal: How G4S Mishandled its Ministry of Justice Contract

The Bishops Avenue: London’s notorious Billionaires Row is returning from the dead

Richard III reinterment in Leicester: ‘I’m sick to death of the humiliation that is being heaped upon this anointed king’

Jeremy Corbyn and LaRouche Movement: Labour leadership frontrunner appeared at conference backed by ‘anti-Semitic cult’

London Mayor Boris Johnson Sells Police Station to ‘Medieval’ Muslim Women’s Group

UK Town Halls Hire 1000s of Zero-Hours or ‘Casual’ Contractors

Greece crisis: ‘Even Palestinians feel sorry for us’

Bonfire Night: Why do we remember Guy Fawkes but not the Gunpowder Plot mastermind Robert Catesby?

UK Youth Unemployment: Finding a Lost Generation

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Did the US need to drop atomic bombs on Japan?

Berlin Wall 25th Anniversary: Inside the Stasi’s Paranoid Surveillance State

WWI 100th Anniversary: UK Taxpayers Still Paying £2bn War Loans to Secret Bankers

Grammar schools: I was poor and went to one but the system does not work

Long-Term Unemployment in the UK Recession: A Labour Market Plague

‘Crooked as Hell’: How Mortgage Lenders Are Ruining UK Landlords

MoD investigates race hate on web